Quick & easy VEGAN burger!

Hi lovelies!

So today I’ve had the day off work, but I had quite a few appointments planned, so I was preparing myself for a very hectic day. Turns out though, because I started the day quite early, I had plenty of time! That was a very pleasant surprise since I easily get stressed if I’m on a very tight schedule.  It feels great to have gotten so much done today, a very well used day off!

Henrik went to barbecue with his parents this afternoon because I had an appointment with a bride I’m doing hair and makeup for in a few weeks. Therefore, I had to find myself something for dinner. I didn’t want anything fancy, and was aiming for something that was quick and easy to make. I ended up making myself a delicious Portobello burger! I’ve been craving a burger for some time now, and knew I wanted to make it out of a portobello mushroom, which I am loving btw! Originally, I had planned on making this on the grill as a barbecue burger, but you know how it goes. Not everything goes according to plan here.

I had both the burger buns and the Portobello mushroom on hand, so it was the perfect timing. I did it very simple, I just cooked the Portobello in a frying pan, with some water and soy sauce, and heated the burger buns in the oven. Just by doing these simple steps, you’ve got yourself a super simple burger. We also had some leftover potatoes that I figured I might as well get a use of, and reheated them in the frying pan with the Portobello.

Lastly, I added some lettuce, hummus, vegan cheese (Vio life Original) and ketchup to complete that delicious burger!

IMG_0234Voila! A quick, easy and delicious vegan burger! And you thought vegan food was boring? Naah.

Quick tip!: Because the Portobello mushrooms are so big, slice it in half(sideways), so it will cook faster.

  • You can also cook the Portobello in oil, using water might make the burger a little runny because the portobello absorbs a lot of the liquid.




Going vegan

Hi everyone!

About a year ago I stumbled upon the vegan corner of YouTube. Not on purpose, I honestly never understood veganism. However, for some reason i was intrigued by this Youtubers, they had such a healthy diet and mentality, just what I was wanting myself. After a while of research I made my decision. I was going vegan. And I did. And I still am.

However, a lot have happened since I first started experimenting with vegan dishes in the kitchen to where I am today. I’ve certainly learned a lot over the past year and thought that I might share my experiences with you. Have in mind that these are things I’ve learned over the course of the year. These are issues that seems very difficult to me as a new vegan, but that I’ve learned how to overcome and how to deal with. I am not saying these things are easy in the beginning, they’re not. But as you become more experienced and confident, they do get easier.

If you lived your whole life eating meat, eggs and dairy products, it might seem very overwhelming to cut these out of your diet. Like what’s left to eat? Lettuce? Wrong. So wrong. You can basically eat whatever you’ve eaten before. Just a vegan version of it of course. Any dish can be made vegan. You just have to do things a little differently and have a different mindset. Watch YouTube videos, they are great when it comes to learning to cook/eat vegan! I have no problems making myself breakfast, lunch, dinner or any other meal. There are so many foods that are naturally vegan, and so many different ways to prepare it, that the variations are endless. If I want tacos? No problem, I’ll make bean-tacos! Same with Nachos, just without the cheese. And if you want to make it with cheese, there are quite a few vegan cheeses out here. To be honest though, not all of them are very good. The vegan cheese is defiantly a trials and error project. And there might be a lot of error before you find the right one.

As I said above, I realized very quickly that eating at my own place was no problem at all. However, the problem occurred when I went to eat at someone else’s house. I of course didn’t want to be rude and not eat anything, nor did I expect them to make vegan food for me. Very few people knows how to cook vegan food, because it’s so far from what they’re used to. The solution? Bring you own food. I know it might sound weird or rude, but it’s easier and better for everyone.  I’m not saying you should bring an entire meal when you go to a dinner party, just bring a little bit. Usually, a lot of the side dishes are vegan, while the main dish is not. Just bring your own main dish, and eat whatever side dishes are served. Like when we for example have fajita at my boyfriend’s parent’s house,  I just bring my own vegan fajitas/taco filling. No problem.

Another thing I’ve struggled with is eating at restaurants. There are not a lot of vegan restaurants here in Norway. I actually don’t believe we have a single one here in Bergen, which if I’m honest, have been rather difficult. It took me a while to have the courage to ask for what I really wanted. Usually restaurants have a few vegetarian options though, and a good place to start is with one of those dishes. They contain no meat, but usually does contain dairy products, most often cheese. In those cases, just ask for the dish without cheese. You might get some weird looks, I know I’ve gotten a few, but it’s alright. After a while as you get more confident with yourself as a vegan, these things will no longer be a struggle.

Last thing I want to add is that it might not be a perfect and easy road. In certain situations I’ve eaten non-vegan food, and usually felt pretty bad about it afterwards. Like I was not a worthy vegan. Though some people might see it that way, I’ve grown to see it differently. I look at it as a lesson learned, another bump in the road of this vegan journey of mine. It’s a journey, and for me, not an overnight change. I am actively changing my lifestyle for the better, and even thug I might not be perfect, I’m doing a lot better than before this journey began. I’ve eaten meat, dairy and eggs for 21 years, and all of my family and friends still does. When I change my lifestyle so drastically I need to accept that I might have some setbacks. Some people just wake up one day and from that day on, they are vegan. Never looking back. I am not one of those. I’ve realized I need time, I need to experiment, do some trials and errors to find what works for me. The longer I’m getting into this lifestyle though, the easier it gets. I am far more comfortable with it today than I was 6 months ago, and I’m positive this is the right path for me. I’ve got a journey ahead of me, but I’m already well on my way.

If you’ve got any questions, just let me know!


Night pampering routine

IMG_0183Happy Sunday!

So once in a while I feel like I need to give both my skin and hair some extra love, which means a nice pampering night with both face and hair masks! I have to admit that it’s been a while since I’ve given my hair or skin any extra treatment, so it was about time.

In addition to it being a long time since the last face/hair mask has been done, me and Henrik cleaned the entire apartment today and put on fresh sheets. This put me to the idea that no other time will be more appropriate for a pampering night. I love the feeling of getting fresh out of the shower and into clean, fresh sheets. What a great way to end the day.

So moving on to the pampering routine. First thing I do is to coat my hair in coconut oil. Yes, normal, extra virgin coconut oil. It preforms great as a hair mask because it makes the hair so soft and shiny!  Of course, apply the coconut oil a while before going into the shower, so it will have some time to sit in the hair. You don’t want to apply it in the shower, after shampoo, like you normal would use a hair mask. this is oil you’re putting in you hair, so you’ll want to wash it out. Good. Or ease your hair and scalp might look way, way too shiny.

On to the skin care. I remove any makeup with my oil cleanser, and then remove this oil cleanser with my Andalou Naturals Mayor Lemon Creamy Cleanser – this is what I do every night. After that I use my Acure Brightening Scrub to remove any dead skin cells and get a fresh and clean layer on the skin. I make sure to work it in very well on places I tend to get dry patches, like around my nose, on my nose and on my forehead. I find that when I use this scrub on a regular basis my skin looks a lot brighter and makeup applies so much better and even.

Lastly, on the skin care, I use the Now Solutions European Green Clay Powder, mixed with water to make a thick paste, and apply this as an all over face mask. This draw out dirt from the skin, like makeup, pollution or any other dirt that get into the pores. This is a clay mask, which dries after a while. I like to use this to keep my skin clean and clear. I wash this off when it has dried completely and finishes off my skincare routine as I usually do: with toner, eye cream and moisturizer.

After all of these steps are done, I hop into the shower to was the coconut oil out off my hair. I might wash my hair twice with shampoo to make sure that there is no oily residue in the hair. Lastly, after I get out of the shower, I use more coconut oil to moisturize my entire body. And viola! Fresh and clean, ready for bed! What a lovely feeling!

Good night world!



My go-to makeup look

Good evening beautiful people!

I love makeup, I always have. I think it’s incredible what makeup can do, how much confidence it can give. I love makeup so much I went to makeup school and became a certified makeup artist. But even though I love playing with makeup, I actually don’t wear very much of it for everyday. I guess the number of products I use might be higher than average, but the looks I go for is very natural. My goal is to have that no-makeup makeup-look. You know that one? The one where we kind of want people to believe we woke up like this, even though we used over 10 products to archive the final result. IMG_0034

Well, obviously you can tell I’m wearing makeup, but I strive for as natural as possible. Usually no eye shadow.

EYES: My lashes are a quite okay length, so I dye them blue-black at the salon, that way I only have to curl them in the morning. That way I look awake, without the hardness of wearing an actual mascara. I actually like the look of this quite a lot, but whenever I want some more definition I use a brown mascara. I don’t like to use a black one because it looks very harsh with my small eyes and light skin and hair.

BASE: For base I like to use a tinted moisturizer/bb cream, it gives me light coverage and evens out the skin enough for my taste. For the time being I’m using Andolou Naturals 1000 Roses CC cream. I’ve really grown to love this,it gives my skin a beautiful glow, even outs my tone and has SPF of 30. I am sad to see that I am running low on this, and hopefully I’ll be able to pick up a new one soon. This has a very light coverage though, and it probably won’t be enough if you like using a foundation for everyday. However, I personally don’t fancy using heavy coverage products everyday anyways, so this is right up my ally.

  • If it’s anything more I want to conceal, I use a concealer (duh, genius). I always conceal under the eyes to brighten and make me look more awake, down the bridge of my nose, top of my cheekbones, cupids bow, around my nose and on my chin. I love using the Pacifica Transcendent concealer in “Light”, it brightens beautifully and does the job of concealing rather well. This product is not very heavy-duty coverage neither, but it works very well for me.

POWDER: My skin can be a little dry, but a little shiny on the t-zone at the same time (especially the nose) so I don’t always wear a lot of powder. I honestly feel like if I powder too much my skin will start to both feel and look very dry throughout the day, but if I don’t powder anything at all, my nose will literally be reflective. I am currently using Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Powder in “Supernatural”, which is a very mattifying powder. I’ll use this on the eras where i tend to get a little shine, whilst on areas where I get more dry, I’ll use Honest Beauty Luminizing Powder in “Midnight Reflection”.

BRONZER, BLUSH: I always use some kind of bronzer to add some definition to my case, as well as a blush to add some youthful glow. I am currently using a bronzer from Emani, which iHerb no longer carries on their website. The blush I usually wear is 100% Pure’s blush in Mimosa.

BROWS: I love bold brows, so filling them in is a must. I don’t like those very drawn on, brows-on-fleek type of brows, I want mine to look naturally full. I am not very happy with the brow pencil I am currently using, it’s one a bought at a local health food store. I’ll defiantly need to look out for something better.


Wow, that turned out to be a lot longer than I thought! Anyways, long story short, I like a minimal, natural makeup look that enhances my features. 



How to make the PERFECT oatmeal!

Hi lovelies!

My favorite breakfast is oatmeal, it’s just so filling and satisfying. It’s without a doubt the breakfast that keeps me full for the longest, and an added bonus: it’s healthy! I know a lot of people might dread oatmeal because it’s so boring and plain, and I used to be one of those people. I didn’t really like the taste of it, as well as I never seemed to get it right. I am here today though, to tell you how you can make the perfect oatmeal, that tastes both creamy and delicious! It’s all about how you make it. Of course.

The first secret I am going to tell you is to process your oats in the blender, so that it’ll become more of a chunky flour. You can make it as fine as you’d like, but I personally like it to be a little chunky. The reason this makes such a huge different is because it makes the oatmeal a lot creamier. And it’s still just as healthy, it’s still oats, you’ve just made them into more finer pieces. Sounds like a hassle? not at all! instead of blending the oats every time you’re making oatmeal, blend up a big batch at once and store in a container. That way you will have it easily accessible whenever you can yourself a bowl of oatmeal!

Then on to the process of actually making the oatmeal. Here’s the ingredients I use. (I also use water, but I didn’t bother to add it in the photo)


  • 1dl oats, I muse quick oats
  • 2dl Water
  • 1 Banana
  • A little bit of plant-based milk (way better for your health)
  • A dash of cinnamon (of course)
  1. I add the oats (more of the chunky oat-flour) to the bowl that I’m gonna use, and add twice the amount of water. I like to cook mine in the microwave because it’s a lot faster, but you can cook it one the stove if you’d like. I cook it in the microwave for about 1,5 minutes.IMG_0010
  2. While the oats are cooking, I slice the banana in half. Here come secret number 2! I then mash one of the half until it becomes a smooth banana-mash. It might not look too appetizing, but I am going to add this to the oatmeal after it’s been in the microwave for 1,5 minutes. Mix this really well so it’s evenly distributed in the oatmeal. this will make it even creamier and sweeter! It’s a natural way to sweetened the oatmeal! The other half of the banana i slice into pieces and use as topping.
  3. After I’ve added the banana-mash into the oatmeal I usually let it cook for another 30 second. Lastly, I add a tiny bit of the plant-based milk I’m using to make it taste even more delicious and creamy.
  4. Lastly, I add my toppings. I use the other half of my banana, a good dash of cinnamon (love this stuff!) and a little bit of coconut shreds. The toppings may vary, like today I added some chia seeds as well, because they’re a great source to omega 3.

IMG_0017You can top it off with whatever fruits of berries you’d like, the possibilities are endless! Trust me, oatmeal is not boring!

Let me know if you’ve tried this or have any other suggestions!




Tripod struggles and blurry photos

Hello my loves!

So today before work I thought I’d take a picture of my everyday makeup look and share with you guys! It was actually very difficult because I had to use an tripod and a self-timer on the camera, but whenever I used the timer all the pictures came out very blurry and out of focus, as well as quite dark. I tried again and again, some closer, and some further away to see it it’d help. But no luck. I couldn’t use a single one of the photos I took using the self-timer. #disappointment

I’m not very used to using a tripod, I’ve only used it a couple os times, because I usually have someone to take my photos for me. However, my boyfriend is not always home to be my very own personal photographer, so then I have to take matter into my own hands. That’s where the tripod comes in handy, but I honestly have a hard time getting it right.

So after many unsuccessful tries this morning, I had press the shutter button manually myself, which meant I had to be very close the the camera and sit in an very awkward position. I can only imagine how funny I looked, but what don’t we do for good photos?

Here are some of my unsuccessful attempts.


I feel like I need glasses when I look at them, so unfocused. Ugh.

I guess I just have to keep working with it, and eventually I’ll get it right. But if you have and tips or tricks, I’ll love to hear them!



This will change your life!


We are very lucky in that sense that we have the pleasure of watching movies. Pieces of art and hard work that have the ability to move us, make us cry, laugh or cringe in horror. It’s beautiful. They suck us in, take us to another reality, another dimension, and sometimes, another world. Some of these movies hit us so hard because of how beautiful they’re made, because of talented people who knows exactly how to get it right. Some movies on the other hand, hits you hard because they make you open your eyes. See things you’ve never seen before. Maybe because you didn’t want to see it, or simply because you wasn’t aware of it. Either way, they are built on facts, on our reality, and once you’ve seen it, it cannot be unseen.

I am talking about documentaries, in this case, that changed how I view the world. Our values. The documentaries I’m referring to is of course Earthlings, Cowspiricy and Forks over knives. These movies are extremely well-known in the vegan community, but not to the vast majority. I believe, however I am not sure. All I know is I would probably never have seen them hadn’t I for some reason ended up in the vegan part of YouTube.
key_art_forks_over_knives3The first of these documentaries I watched was Forks Over Knives. It completely changed how I view health, and what I look as healthy for my body. It goes against everything I’ve been taught about nutrition and health, and I was truly a little shocked. What convinced me is how they use research and studies to back up their claims, and  they present people, mostly doctors, who have had very good results with eating plant-based themselves, as well as using it as a treatment for their patients.


https_proxyThe next documentary I watched was Cowspiracy, which I watched after eating plant-based vegan for a while. Climate change and how we affect the environment is something I’ve always found scary and felt deeply that we need to fight, but honestly often felt little, like how much of a difference can I do? Cowsparicy opened my eyes to how much environmental damage the agriculture really is causing. Did you know that agriculture has a higher emission of greenhouse gasses than ALL transportation worldwide? That includes cars, trains, planes ect! How crazy is that?! By choosing to eat a vegan diet, your environmental footprint is massively reduced! Not only does agriculture give out more greenhouse gasses than all transport combined, it’s also the number one cause of damage to the rainforest. Also, to produce one pound of beef you need 1800 gallons of water! So much for saving water and take short showers.. This movie just made me even more sure that plant-based was the only way to go. Finally, I feel like what I’m doing, actually can make a difference.
EarthlingsTo be completely honest, I put off watching Earthlings for so long, simply because I knew it would be heartbreaking. And indeed it was. With tears running down my face I wondered how in the world could humanity be so cruel to all these innocent, helpless beings. This cruelty is something that continuously baffles me, not just towards animals, but towards our planet, and even towards ourselves. I will not get into these topics at this point, I’ll stick to the animal cruelty for now. Not just was I extremely uncomfortable watching the footage in this documentary, it literally felt like my heart was twisting and twirling inside my chest of pain for the beings. It’s more than enough to lose faith in humanity. But so is watching the news usually, but that’s besides the point. I will highly recommend watching this, even though it’s heartbreaking. It is in fact reality and the least we can do is to acknowledge where the meat, dairy, egg, fish and leather come from. The very least. The products that are so nicely wrapped in the supermarket used to be a living, feeling, breathing and thinking being. Don’t hate me ’cause I write the truth.

Lastly, I wanted to mention a speech by Gary Yourofsky, which you can find on YouTube here. He might put things a little on edge, but he defiantly makes you look at thing from a different perspective.

Please,, please check these out. They might change your life.