Hello my loves!

I love most things artsy and creative, particularly painting! Until now, I’ve been using acrylic paint, but I now felt it was a good time to try out using oil paints! I’ve previously been quite intimidated by what seemed to be a very complicated process using oils, with priming the canvas, different paint thinners and mediums, as well as how to recycle paint thinners properly. However, after quite some research and some very helpful tips from the employees in the art store, I found it was not as daunting as it first seemed, and suddenly I was ready to dive into the world of oil painting. I wanted to get a good beginners kit of student quality because I’d rather invest more in the paint later when I’m more advanced in the oil paint. I picked up the Daler-Rowney “Georgian Oil” kit after a recommendation from the lady in the art store, and so far I’m quite happy with it. Of course, I have to mix a lot to get the colors I want because the kit contains the primal colors, so down the line I will probably add a few more shades to make the process a little easier. I also got three new brushes that I use exclusively for oil paints, as well as an Oil color pad to practice on.IMG_0854

Also, as I’ve been in an artsy mood lately, I also picked up a pocket kit with watercolors, because I just love the look of art made with watercolors! This one I got is from the brand Winsor & Newton. It also came with a pad with Watercolour paper. Perfect for a starter kit. I intend of playing around with watercolors for more casual sketches and so on, while oil paint for my more “serious” projects. IMG_0846IMG_0847




Candle light dinner for two

Hi again!

I know I’ve been gone for a few days, but I’ve been quite busy with a lot of to do’s. Yesterday, I drove to Masfjorden, which is more on the country side, a little less than 1,5 hours away, to do some freelance makeup work. I have some family there which was going to a wedding today, and styled some of the guests. I had to drive there yesterday, because the day today started early to get everything done in time. I really didn’t mind thug, because I got to visit my grandmother as well, which was very nice. It was also really fun doing both makeup and hair, especially since I haven’t done very much makeup work lately. I almost forgot how much I love it.

For tonight dinner me and Henrik decided we wanted Mexican, more precisely nachos. Surprisingly, Henrik agreed to make vegan nachos, as long as I made the dinner, and he could put some cheese on his half (so more of a vegetarian nachos for him). I found this very exciting, and gladly made dinner, because he usually has minced meat in his nachos, and I of course prefer it if he cuts down on the meat. Even better, he actually enjoyed it! We even agreed that from now on we’ll make vegetarian nachos, instead of making two different nachos, and we’ll just skip the cheese on my half. IMG_0332

We decided to eat on the coffee table, which is a first, and made it quite a romantic setting, perfect for date night and some quality time. Nothing is more of a perfect date than Mexican food and Netflix. IMG_0335

We’re going to watch a movie now, so I’ll see you later! Have a great night!


Project 333 Update – It’s really not that easy


Happy Saturday!

I wanted to share my progress on the Project 333 (only wear 33 items of clothing/accessories for 3 months) as I have now slowly began narrowing down my wardrobe. On the picture above you can see the items I’ve chosen so far, however the problem is that I have far more than 33 item! Last I counted it was around 40 items or so. Which is way too much. I honestly don’t know if I’ll be doing 33 items, or slightly more, because I’ve done a lot of research and people who’ve done this project have all said that they will next time don’t be as strict to follow the 33 items rule, if they feel like they need to add a few more pieced to have a full wardrobe. It’s not like I am going to go way above the 33 mark, but if I have around 33-37 items I’ll be happy. I quickly learned that narrowing down my wardrobe to this mark is not that easy. I’ll defiantly have to give it even more thought and some trials and error before I succeed. There are so many items of clothing I have these “but what if I really want t wear it? It’s so pretty though” feelings about, but I know deep down that if I have not used it very much so far, the chances are I won’t use them as much now either. I am used to have so many clothes and options, that narrowing down so significantly is a little difficult.

I’ll defiantly keep on going with this and share my progress as I go along!



iHerb goodies!

Hi my loves!

So I just received another order from iHerb. What can I say? It’s my favorite online store! I get most of my beauty products from there.

This order was very much needed as it’s items I’m either out of or running low of. Essential pieces you can say.

IMG_9666First thing I was rather desperate to get is shampoo, which I was actually out of. Don’t worry, I borrowed some of my mom, so it’s not like I didn’t wash my hair or anything. Relax. Anyways, I’ve still been using conventional hair products because I had quite a lot (hairdresser issues), but I wanted to take this opportunity to try out some more natural alternatives. Just to remind you, I am in the process of switching all my beauty, bath, makeup and cleaning products to more natural, environmentally friendly and less toxic products. The choice fell on Andalou Naturals shampoos, the “Age Defying” and the “Moisture Rich” one. The Age Defying one is actually for thinning hair, which I don’t have, however Kendra Atkins (VlogWithKendra on youtube) has been raving about how good this shampoo is for a while now, so I just had to try it out! The other one, Moisture Rich, has great review on iHerb, and I figured it would be good to my hair considering it’s long and bleached, and therefore need quite a lot of moisture. I am very excited to try these out, I will let you know the final opinion after a while!

IMG_9680A few days ago I ran out of my Everyday Mineral Jojoba base mineral powder, and even thug I’ve been quite happy with it, I really wanted to try this Honeybee Gardens foundation powder which I’ve heard so many great things about. It’s defiantly a favorite amongst green beauty you tubers, so I had to see for myself how it held up to the hype. I got it in the color “Supernatural” which is a very nice light, yellow tone color. The color is maybe slightly too light for me, I was actually wondering between this color and the color Luminous, but I was afraid it was too orange/dark, so I figured I’d go with the lighter one and just use bronzer to darken it up a little. It defiantly works for now, and will be a perfect color for winter, however I do believe it will be too light for summer time.

IMG_9677I’ve been in the need of a clay mask, because I have not owned one for months, and really feel like my skin could use a proper cleanse. I picked up this European Clay Powder from Now Solutions, honestly because it was very cheap. I’ve previously used the Aztec Secret Healing Clay Powder, so I’m already familiar with the whole mixing your own mask thing. I really like how I can customize it to my own needs by using different essential oils, so I actually like clay powders, even though they are slightly more work.

IMG_9669Lastly, I just wanted to stock up on the toothpaste I’m using, even though I still have quite a way to go before the one I’m currently using is empty. However, I only order my natural toothpaste online because it’s way, way, way cheaper than buying it in store here in Norway (it’s expensive as hell), and figured I might as well order a backup now when I already was going to place an order. I like this because you get so much product to a great price, and I do like how it performs as well. I’ve read some review that it has made people’s teeth start to ice, but I have not noticed anything, and I have been using it for a while now.

That’s it for now, I will probably do a review of these later on though!




Second hand love

The environment and climate changes is something I feel strongly about, and lately I’ve been doing more and more research about what choices I can make to minimize my environmental footprint. I’ve therefore gotten aware of the huge impact fast fashion has on the environment, as well as the obvious ethical side of it using sweatshops. Since I’m trying to make more sustainable  choices, I began researching other clothing alternatives when I found what they call “Ethical fashion”. This is basically clothes that have been sustainably produced, which means that they are better for the environment and the workers have had better working conditions and wages. It is, as the name suggest, more ethically made.

While all this is great, unfortunately there are not as accessible as fast fashion, which means that many people will only be able to get it online. Another con is the price, which is noticably higher than fast fashion, which is understandable and for quite obvious reasons, but considering we have bills to pay and are soon both students, I don’t have the biggest budget. Don’t worry though! I found the solution! Thrift shopping, or second-hand shopping! It is very sustainable and way more ethical than buying new clothes from the typical stores. Even though most of the clothes in the second-hand shops are not ethically made, considered you’re prolonging the lifespan of an item already made, instead of buying a new one, makes this is still a much more ethical choice.

Therefore I am now starting a new project, or a little experiment you might call it. Whenever I am in the need of new clothes, I am going to try to find this clothing item at a second-hand store. Of course, not all clothing can be bought here, like underwear or exercise clothes (duh..), but I will try to buy whatever I can second hand. If this is not possible I will make sure to purchase a garment of high quality that will last me for many, many years. After all, it is way better buying something you like and will be able to wear for years, than just picking up something you’ll have to switch out within a year.But I will of course try my best to find it second hand.  Anyways, this experiment of mine will be incorporated into my other clothing experiment,  the whole minimal wardrobe plan I told you about in my last blogpost.

IMG_9254Whenever I put my mind to something, I get very motivated. At least right away, how long that motivation last all depends, but anyway. I get quite passionate about these ideas of mine. Therefore, I was so excited to check out my local thrift shop today. I spent so much time just browsing, seeing what they had in stock and of what quality. It was so much fun! I mean, yes, a lot of the clothes might not be of the best quality, but if you take your time to look, you can certainly find some gems! I was actually very pleasantly surprised about their decor section, they had so much pretty, and old decor! I loved it! I actually found these glass candlestick, which was just what I was wanting for our dining table! In addition to those, I found this pretty green glass vase that I figured would be a very nice pop of color in our otherwise monochrome living room. I got the idea of using it as a candle holder right before taking this photo, however, I am unsure if I’ll keep using it like this or just have it as a decorative vase. Of course, the fashion junkie I am, I also picked up two clothing pieces, but unfortunately I threw them in the wash before I thought of taking pictures of them. I’ve been wanting a pair of more dressier pants for a while, and had that in mind while I was browsing. I originally had a pair of black dress pants in mind, but I found this really pretty pair in a beautiful sand color! The quality seems really good, and I am quite excited to make an outfit of it! Lastly, I got a really nice blouse in a gun-metal color, in this really soft, luxurious fabric. I actually hand washed this because it seems so delicate I’m scared it will be damaged in the washing machine. The size of this was quite big, but I’m pretty sure it’s made to be more fitted, so it just gives a more flowy look to the blouse. Also, in the dressing room in the store, I tried many different ways of styling it to make it look like it’s actually my size. I took my time and tried on all the items I was interested in and looked at them with a critical eye when I decided if it was something that was suitable for me or not.

Disclaimer: I will still be featuring clothes from fast fashion stores in my outfits, because most of my clothes comes from these stores. I will wear them until I switch them out, with then hopefully more sustainable alternatives.

I really hope these post are not way too long, if you’d like to see some shorter post, please let me know!




Cleaning out my wardrobe..

Happy Monday babes!

I’ll be completely honest, I have a lot of clothes, but I usually wear the same stuff over and over again. Maybe something you can relate to yourself? To avoid having a overly full closet where most of the clothes never leave the shelf, I look through all the clothes I own every few months so see if there is something I want to get rid off. Which it always is. Even though I love clothes, I am actually very good at getting rid of things I don’t use. Trust me, I haven’t always been like this, before I was more of the “but what if I ever want to wear this, but then it’s gone?” type of girl. One thing I realized though is that that day most likely will never come. That day where you suddenly want to wear that shirt that’s been hanging in your closet for years but never worn, will probably never happen in this lifetime. Of course, every rule has it’s exceptions, but you get my point.

Because of this realization, my wardrobe has gotten significantly smaller than it was a few years ago. I’ve also come the conclusion that having fewer pieces that I really love to wear, instead of having more pieces that I barely wear, is the way to go. I’m also very intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I’ll tell you more about this in a separate blogpost later!

IMG_9209When Henrik and I moved in together we realized that both of us have a lot of clothes, and even though we have a rather big sized closet, it was starting to feel a little messy and unorganized. Therefore, late last night I decided it was time for another closet clean out. When I was looking through my clothes I was quite happy to see that my wardrobe mostly consist of clothes that I love and actually wear. However, I found it was time to say goodbye to those pieces I barely wear and those I’ve worn for years, but are now ready for retirement.Well, as you can see above, this is the result of the clean out this time around. Quite a lot. Henrik actually was slightly surprised and said “You’re giving away all those clothes?”. Yes, indeed. But don’t worry, it will all be donated of course!

In adittiong to getting rid of clothes, I’ve also packed away my more winter clothes. Even though it’s still cold outside, I figured it was time to let the winter sweaters get a little rest and let the lighter clothes get some action. It’s May for crying out loud! Summer should be here any minute now!

Anyways, I should be getting to work now. I’ll give you an update about where I’ll go with my wardrobe from now on, because I’m planning on making some changes.

Have a nice Monday!



Outfit of the night

Hello my loves!

Today’s post will be super quick, because I am literally running out the door any minute now. I’m going to a party (told you I wouldn’t let Lab bring this weekend down..) and I though I’d where with you my outfit and makeup! I’ve been wanting to wear this playsuit forever now, but because of the crazy neckline I haven’t found the opportunity. The solution was to wear a tank top underneath so I won’t show my bra to everyone.

For my makeup I went with a regular smokey eyes and glowy skin, that for some reason won’t show up on the photos!

IMG_9105// Playsuit – Gina Tricot / earrings – H&M / Cape – Racheal Zoe //



Anyways, I really have to go now! I hope you have an amazing Saturday night, whatever you’re doing! Cheers to that!