Sunday Funday: Outfit of the Day

Good evening loves!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! I know I have, it been quite busy with lots of plans, but I love it! Tomorrow is a new week with a fresh start, and my birthday is in a few days, so a lot of exciting things happening! I just love summer times.

So here today’s outfit, sorry for the very bright pictures, I need to work on the setting on the camera. I’m quite pale and I love wearing light colors, so I end up looking like a bright spot in the pictures.

I am defiantly loving wearing skirts at the moment, it’s just so cute and comfortable! I love anything girly and love feeling comfortable so skirts are the perfect fit for me. I recently bought this white skirt I’m wearing, unfortunately I didn’t try it on in the store so it’s a tad bit big, but it works. The length of the skirt is longer than I’m used to with this style, but I don’t mind. Makes it classier I guess. I paired it off with a baby pink crop top,my new Chanel-inspired ballerina flats, a cream and gold blazer, and lastly, my favorite bag (at the moment).IMG_0782

// Skirt – Bik Bok / Crop top – H&M / Shoes – Din Sko / Bag – Mango / Blazer – Bik Bok //IMG_0748IMG_0775IMG_0747IMG_0744

Oh, and I love wearing my hair like this, it’s so easy and get’s my hair out of my face, which is awesome!

So I’ve bought some new skin care products because I was experiencing some problems with my previous problems now that the sun is out. I’ll write a post about what happened and which new products I’m trying out! So stay tuned!




Outfit of the day: Boyfriend jeans

Hello world!

I am here today to share today’s outfit with you all! It’s been another beautiful day here in Bergen, but it was a little bit chilly in the morning which is why I decided on these very ripped boyfriend jeans. They are cooler than normal jeans because of all the rips, but warmer than shorts. Perfect for today’s morning weather.

So far it’s been a lovely day, both me and Henrik have the day off, so we had a lovely morning eating breakfast together, which is rear on weekdays, but I love it when it does happen. Later we trained some cardio on the running track close to our apartment and played tennis afterwards. I actually really enjoy playing tennis, something that’s a little bit surprising. I am quite bad at it though, but we are improving a little bit each time we play. It’s also so much fun doing something together.

IMG_9562IMG_9541// Top – Bik Bok / Boyfriend jeans – Gina Tricot / Purse – Mango / Shoes – don’t remember // 

Here’s the outfit! I really liked how the top is rather cute, while the jeans are more edgy. I find that it gives some balance to the outfit and makes it a little interesting. I paired it with my gladiator sandals which I had to dig out from hiding inside the closet all through winter. I love that I can dress more lightly now, and don’t have to put on layers on layers to stay warm. Let’s keep our fingers crosses the weather will stay this way.IMG_9547.JPGIMG_9582My favorite arm candy at the moment, quite minimal. Love this Michael Kors watch I got from Henrik, it’s the most gorgeous watch ever. The bracelet I’ve actually made myself. Not very impressive, but I like that it’s simple, yet has a sparkle to it.

So tell me how was your day?




Outfit of the day – A day late..

IMG_9338IMG_9378IMG_9400// Pants – Second hand / Shoes – Vagabond / Tee – Bik Bok / Blouse – Second hand //

Happy Saturday!

So I’m here today with yesterday’s outfit! I had quite a busy day yesterday,which is why the post is one day late.

This outfit actually is made from two second-hand items, the pants and the blouse. The pants, which I love, is a hand-down from my mother, and I’ve been using these for quite some time. I just love the comfort, and how unique it is. The blouse I thrifted earlier this week, as well as the camel dress pants I showed you yesterday. and I really like the fabric. It is so soft and luxurious, and even though it’s slightly too big, I can make it work if I roll up the sleeves.

My boyfriend and I actually went to some second-hand stores today, however I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for. I’ve come to the conclusion that the thrift store closest to me has a pretty good selection, and I’ll be favoring this one for the time being. I have to admit though, finding what I’m looking for second hand, is not that easy. I defiantly see that it will take some dedication, but I am very motivated. It’ll be fun to see how it goes.

Have a nice Saturday folks!



OOTD – The bigger bun the better

Hi my loves!

It feels like its been awhile, when in reality it’s only been a  few days! Today is a national holiday here in Norway (don’t know if they have it in other countries), which is nice, because it’s always nice with a day off. Haven’t done much today to be honest, given my parents a haircut because they’re traveling to Spain on Monday, which I am so jealous about! Sounds so good to be in the sun and feel the warmth on my skin, especially considering it’s not that warm here in Norway yet. Especially today it has been crazy windy, like it was difficult taking these outfit photos because of the wind! Which is why I don’t look particularly happy on any of them.

Anyways, I think it will be a rather quiet day, have some house chores that needs to be done, and I really feel like painting again! I love painting with acrylics, it’s so therapeutic and so much fun! It’s been a while since I last painted, because when I still lived at home with my parents, I didn’t have anywhere to paint, except the living room, and it started to be more of a hassle because I had to put it all away after each painting session.  Now however, we have this huge desk in our bedroom which I can keep my painting stuff at for as long as I want.

IMG_9284// Pants – Local thriftstore / Shoes – Vegabound / T-shirt – Bik Bok / Sunglasses – Micheal Kors //

Moving on, today’s outfit is cross between dressy and casual! I really wanted to wear these pants, which I thrifted a few days ago, and I love them! I love the color, they’re in good shape and seems like a really nice quality! A very good find in my humble opinion! The only tiny complaint is that it is a little too loose in the waist and hip area, I do think it would look even better if it was slightly more fitted. Oh well, I guess it’s a pretty good fit anyways, and it just makes it even more comfortable to wear.

I originally wanted to wear these pants with a cropped blouse, but I decided on this plain t-shirt because I knew I was cutting hair, and didn’t want hair to get stuck all over the blouse. I will wear it next time though!IMG_9302IMG_9307Kept it really casual with just my standard jewelry, my Michael Kors watch, rings, and lovely necklace. IMG_9295I love this bun! Such an easy hairstyle, yet it makes quite a statement!

Face of the day: Here are the products I used for today’s makeup, it’s honestly what I use most days. I really love using the Honest Beauty cream foundation, with the beauty blender (match made in heaven), it’s so quick and easy, and at the same time it gives quite a lot of coverage.IMG_9331.JPGAll of these products are from natural brands, except the big bronzer to the left, which is from Kiko. It is a lovely bronzer though, and gives the perfect sun.kissed look.


Well, I’ll get going now, but I promise I’ll be back soon!