Hello my loves!

I love most things artsy and creative, particularly painting! Until now, I’ve been using acrylic paint, but I now felt it was a good time to try out using oil paints! I’ve previously been quite intimidated by what seemed to be a very complicated process using oils, with priming the canvas, different paint thinners and mediums, as well as how to recycle paint thinners properly. However, after quite some research and some very helpful tips from the employees in the art store, I found it was not as daunting as it first seemed, and suddenly I was ready to dive into the world of oil painting. I wanted to get a good beginners kit of student quality because I’d rather invest more in the paint later when I’m more advanced in the oil paint. I picked up the Daler-Rowney “Georgian Oil” kit after a recommendation from the lady in the art store, and so far I’m quite happy with it. Of course, I have to mix a lot to get the colors I want because the kit contains the primal colors, so down the line I will probably add a few more shades to make the process a little easier. I also got three new brushes that I use exclusively for oil paints, as well as an Oil color pad to practice on.IMG_0854

Also, as I’ve been in an artsy mood lately, I also picked up a pocket kit with watercolors, because I just love the look of art made with watercolors! This one I got is from the brand Winsor & Newton. It also came with a pad with Watercolour paper. Perfect for a starter kit. I intend of playing around with watercolors for more casual sketches and so on, while oil paint for my more “serious” projects. IMG_0846IMG_0847




Like it’s her birthday


So yesterday was my birthday, and I had an awesome day! I happened to have the day off, and my amazing boyfriend made me breakfast in bed with rosé,strawberries and avocado toast. I thought I’d share some photos of how I spent my day!IMG_0804Breakfast!

IMG_0822Makeup of the day.

13445986_10153742872875829_906643645_o13446356_10153742872960829_1532348827_oBirthday dinner with my boyfriend and mom!


I got a new phone, FINALLY! It was about time, and I am really excited because the camera is SO much better than on my previous phone! The quality is of course not as good as the camera, but that’s not to be expected either. I am very happy though! I’ll probably use my phone more for my Instagram photos.



Sunday Funday: Outfit of the Day

Good evening loves!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! I know I have, it been quite busy with lots of plans, but I love it! Tomorrow is a new week with a fresh start, and my birthday is in a few days, so a lot of exciting things happening! I just love summer times.

So here today’s outfit, sorry for the very bright pictures, I need to work on the setting on the camera. I’m quite pale and I love wearing light colors, so I end up looking like a bright spot in the pictures.

I am defiantly loving wearing skirts at the moment, it’s just so cute and comfortable! I love anything girly and love feeling comfortable so skirts are the perfect fit for me. I recently bought this white skirt I’m wearing, unfortunately I didn’t try it on in the store so it’s a tad bit big, but it works. The length of the skirt is longer than I’m used to with this style, but I don’t mind. Makes it classier I guess. I paired it off with a baby pink crop top,my new Chanel-inspired ballerina flats, a cream and gold blazer, and lastly, my favorite bag (at the moment).IMG_0782

// Skirt – Bik Bok / Crop top – H&M / Shoes – Din Sko / Bag – Mango / Blazer – Bik Bok //IMG_0748IMG_0775IMG_0747IMG_0744

Oh, and I love wearing my hair like this, it’s so easy and get’s my hair out of my face, which is awesome!

So I’ve bought some new skin care products because I was experiencing some problems with my previous problems now that the sun is out. I’ll write a post about what happened and which new products I’m trying out! So stay tuned!



I failed…

A few weeks ago I told you about doing the Project 333, which is only using 33 items for 3 months. I am going to be 100% percent honest. I’ve failed badly. It started good and I was able to stick to my 33 items, but it quickly became boring. I felt like I was wearing the same stuff over and over again, and for someone who loves fashion, that does not stick in the long run. In addition to that, the weather here literally varies like CRAZY, one day we have autumn weather with cold temperatures and a lot of rain, then the next day it’s full on summer. These changes make it so difficult only having 33 items, because it’s like I must have clothing for all round weather, which means I only have very limited options for each weather.

Also, I feel bad for not using half of my clothes, I feel like getting rid of that much clothes are such a waste, and not something I’m looking to do. It’s even more wasteful than actually keeping the clothes and using them. Therefore, I will probably end this experiment for the time being. I just felt like it was not right of me, at least on this point of my life.

I am still trying to buy more second-hand stuff whenever I can though, however I am not always able to find what I am looking for in the thrift store, and in these cases I’ll buy from a store. I am not buying as much new stuff anymore thug, mostly because I have to stop spending so much money. I’m telling you, living on our own is expensive!

So, that’s a little update on the whole wardrobe part. Even though I am stopping this project, I am still intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe, or at least a wardrobe that is perfect for me and my style. A wardrobe that has pieces that i love and go well together, and that I wear! So it’s still a process I am working on, however I am now doing it with a different approach.

I’ll keep you updated!



Dinner Outfit

Good evening my loves!

Today is Henrik’s birthday, and we went out to dinner with his parents to celebrate. It was a lovely dinner with delicious Mexican food, which is both our favorite.

I LOVE to dress up and of course take advantage of any opportunity I have to do so. Therefore, I decided to wear this white dress with lace detailing, because it was very appropriate for summer, and I’ve never worn it before, so I thought it was about time. The shoes, even though they look cute, they are terrible to walk in! Not only are they very tall,they are so “flimsy” and unstable that I feel like they might break any second. IMG_0666// Dress – Nelly / Shoes – Nelly / Bag – Mango / Blazer -Gift //IMG_0645IMG_0607IMG_0562IMG_0558IMG_0596The makeup look of the night! I was in a rush after work to get ready for dinner, so I didn’t have time to redo my makeup, just freshen it up and add some more. I hate doing that, because I feel like my face need to be cleansed after so many hours of work, but surprisingly my makeup still looked very good at the end of the day.

I unfortunately didn’t take the camera with my to dinner, so I have no photos from that, which is a shame. I’d use the camera on my phone, but that one is broken, so yeah. I need to get a new one soon!

That’s  it for now guys, I’ll se you again soon with some exciting posts!



Outfit & makeup of the day

Hi my loves!

I know I’ve been gone for a little while, but I’ve honestly been lacking some motivation, and finding it really hard to be inspired to blog. I will not just blog, jst for the sake of it, I want to publish content that I’m excited about and that I truely want to share. I’m really gonna make an effort and get back into the swing of things, because I really do love blogging! There will probably be a lot of makeup, beauty and fashion post coming your way soon!

So lately, I’ve been really getting into wearing a little more makeup than I have for the past months, and I’m really loving it! I love playing with makeup, and because I’ve kept it really natural for a while, it was a nice change to play a little more with my eyeshadows. I’ll make a favorite post soon, I promise!

Also, the weather here in Bergen have been AH-MA-ZING lately, and I’ve finally been able to use my summer clothes! I’ve been loving wearing more skirts and dresses, and if I’m completely honest, I’ve kind of failed the whole Project 333… I love fashion waaay too much.

IMG_0410I did a subtle look using the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, and added some natural falsies to really bring out my eyes. I find it really difficult showing my makeup on camera, it always looks so subtle on the photos compared to in real life. I need to play a little round with the settings of the camera to see if I can make it look more accurate.

And I’ve been playing with the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, and I know I’m not really that good at it yet. I really need to play with it more to get the hang of it.

IMG_0414IMG_0515Not the best photo, but it was so bright, it was difficult to get a good one. I word this really pretty summer dress with flower prints on it and a cut out in the back. it’s really comfortable to wear, and is perfect for summer. I paired it with a pair of black sandal heels, that was a little bit difficult to walk in. Of well, what don’t we do for fashion, right?

Tomorrow is Henrik’s birthday and we are therefore going out to dinner with his parents. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some outfit and makeup photos, and if I’m really good, I’ll get some photos from the dinner as well.

Have a lovely evening!



Candle light dinner for two

Hi again!

I know I’ve been gone for a few days, but I’ve been quite busy with a lot of to do’s. Yesterday, I drove to Masfjorden, which is more on the country side, a little less than 1,5 hours away, to do some freelance makeup work. I have some family there which was going to a wedding today, and styled some of the guests. I had to drive there yesterday, because the day today started early to get everything done in time. I really didn’t mind thug, because I got to visit my grandmother as well, which was very nice. It was also really fun doing both makeup and hair, especially since I haven’t done very much makeup work lately. I almost forgot how much I love it.

For tonight dinner me and Henrik decided we wanted Mexican, more precisely nachos. Surprisingly, Henrik agreed to make vegan nachos, as long as I made the dinner, and he could put some cheese on his half (so more of a vegetarian nachos for him). I found this very exciting, and gladly made dinner, because he usually has minced meat in his nachos, and I of course prefer it if he cuts down on the meat. Even better, he actually enjoyed it! We even agreed that from now on we’ll make vegetarian nachos, instead of making two different nachos, and we’ll just skip the cheese on my half. IMG_0332

We decided to eat on the coffee table, which is a first, and made it quite a romantic setting, perfect for date night and some quality time. Nothing is more of a perfect date than Mexican food and Netflix. IMG_0335

We’re going to watch a movie now, so I’ll see you later! Have a great night!