Hello my loves!

I love most things artsy and creative, particularly painting! Until now, I’ve been using acrylic paint, but I now felt it was a good time to try out using oil paints! I’ve previously been quite intimidated by what seemed to be a very complicated process using oils, with priming the canvas, different paint thinners and mediums, as well as how to recycle paint thinners properly. However, after quite some research and some very helpful tips from the employees in the art store, I found it was not as daunting as it first seemed, and suddenly I was ready to dive into the world of oil painting. I wanted to get a good beginners kit of student quality because I’d rather invest more in the paint later when I’m more advanced in the oil paint. I picked up the Daler-Rowney “Georgian Oil” kit after a recommendation from the lady in the art store, and so far I’m quite happy with it. Of course, I have to mix a lot to get the colors I want because the kit contains the primal colors, so down the line I will probably add a few more shades to make the process a little easier. I also got three new brushes that I use exclusively for oil paints, as well as an Oil color pad to practice on.IMG_0854

Also, as I’ve been in an artsy mood lately, I also picked up a pocket kit with watercolors, because I just love the look of art made with watercolors! This one I got is from the brand Winsor & Newton. It also came with a pad with Watercolour paper. Perfect for a starter kit. I intend of playing around with watercolors for more casual sketches and so on, while oil paint for my more “serious” projects. IMG_0846IMG_0847