Sunday Funday: Outfit of the Day

Good evening loves!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! I know I have, it been quite busy with lots of plans, but I love it! Tomorrow is a new week with a fresh start, and my birthday is in a few days, so a lot of exciting things happening! I just love summer times.

So here today’s outfit, sorry for the very bright pictures, I need to work on the setting on the camera. I’m quite pale and I love wearing light colors, so I end up looking like a bright spot in the pictures.

I am defiantly loving wearing skirts at the moment, it’s just so cute and comfortable! I love anything girly and love feeling comfortable so skirts are the perfect fit for me. I recently bought this white skirt I’m wearing, unfortunately I didn’t try it on in the store so it’s a tad bit big, but it works. The length of the skirt is longer than I’m used to with this style, but I don’t mind. Makes it classier I guess. I paired it off with a baby pink crop top,my new Chanel-inspired ballerina flats, a cream and gold blazer, and lastly, my favorite bag (at the moment).IMG_0782

// Skirt – Bik Bok / Crop top – H&M / Shoes – Din Sko / Bag – Mango / Blazer – Bik Bok //IMG_0748IMG_0775IMG_0747IMG_0744

Oh, and I love wearing my hair like this, it’s so easy and get’s my hair out of my face, which is awesome!

So I’ve bought some new skin care products because I was experiencing some problems with my previous problems now that the sun is out. I’ll write a post about what happened and which new products I’m trying out! So stay tuned!




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