I failed…

A few weeks ago I told you about doing the Project 333, which is only using 33 items for 3 months. I am going to be 100% percent honest. I’ve failed badly. It started good and I was able to stick to my 33 items, but it quickly became boring. I felt like I was wearing the same stuff over and over again, and for someone who loves fashion, that does not stick in the long run. In addition to that, the weather here literally varies like CRAZY, one day we have autumn weather with cold temperatures and a lot of rain, then the next day it’s full on summer. These changes make it so difficult only having 33 items, because it’s like I must have clothing for all round weather, which means I only have very limited options for each weather.

Also, I feel bad for not using half of my clothes, I feel like getting rid of that much clothes are such a waste, and not something I’m looking to do. It’s even more wasteful than actually keeping the clothes and using them. Therefore, I will probably end this experiment for the time being. I just felt like it was not right of me, at least on this point of my life.

I am still trying to buy more second-hand stuff whenever I can though, however I am not always able to find what I am looking for in the thrift store, and in these cases I’ll buy from a store. I am not buying as much new stuff anymore thug, mostly because I have to stop spending so much money. I’m telling you, living on our own is expensive!

So, that’s a little update on the whole wardrobe part. Even though I am stopping this project, I am still intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe, or at least a wardrobe that is perfect for me and my style. A wardrobe that has pieces that i love and go well together, and that I wear! So it’s still a process I am working on, however I am now doing it with a different approach.

I’ll keep you updated!




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