Dinner Outfit

Good evening my loves!

Today is Henrik’s birthday, and we went out to dinner with his parents to celebrate. It was a lovely dinner with delicious Mexican food, which is both our favorite.

I LOVE to dress up and of course take advantage of any opportunity I have to do so. Therefore, I decided to wear this white dress with lace detailing, because it was very appropriate for summer, and I’ve never worn it before, so I thought it was about time. The shoes, even though they look cute, they are terrible to walk in! Not only are they very tall,they are so “flimsy” and unstable that I feel like they might break any second. IMG_0666// Dress – Nelly / Shoes – Nelly / Bag – Mango / Blazer -Gift //IMG_0645IMG_0607IMG_0562IMG_0558IMG_0596The makeup look of the night! I was in a rush after work to get ready for dinner, so I didn’t have time to redo my makeup, just freshen it up and add some more. I hate doing that, because I feel like my face need to be cleansed after so many hours of work, but surprisingly my makeup still looked very good at the end of the day.

I unfortunately didn’t take the camera with my to dinner, so I have no photos from that, which is a shame. I’d use the camera on my phone, but that one is broken, so yeah. I need to get a new one soon!

That’s  it for now guys, I’ll se you again soon with some exciting posts!




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