Candle light dinner for two

Hi again!

I know I’ve been gone for a few days, but I’ve been quite busy with a lot of to do’s. Yesterday, I drove to Masfjorden, which is more on the country side, a little less than 1,5 hours away, to do some freelance makeup work. I have some family there which was going to a wedding today, and styled some of the guests. I had to drive there yesterday, because the day today started early to get everything done in time. I really didn’t mind thug, because I got to visit my grandmother as well, which was very nice. It was also really fun doing both makeup and hair, especially since I haven’t done very much makeup work lately. I almost forgot how much I love it.

For tonight dinner me and Henrik decided we wanted Mexican, more precisely nachos. Surprisingly, Henrik agreed to make vegan nachos, as long as I made the dinner, and he could put some cheese on his half (so more of a vegetarian nachos for him). I found this very exciting, and gladly made dinner, because he usually has minced meat in his nachos, and I of course prefer it if he cuts down on the meat. Even better, he actually enjoyed it! We even agreed that from now on we’ll make vegetarian nachos, instead of making two different nachos, and we’ll just skip the cheese on my half. IMG_0332

We decided to eat on the coffee table, which is a first, and made it quite a romantic setting, perfect for date night and some quality time. Nothing is more of a perfect date than Mexican food and Netflix. IMG_0335

We’re going to watch a movie now, so I’ll see you later! Have a great night!



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