Quick & easy VEGAN burger!

Hi lovelies!

So today I’ve had the day off work, but I had quite a few appointments planned, so I was preparing myself for a very hectic day. Turns out though, because I started the day quite early, I had plenty of time! That was a very pleasant surprise since I easily get stressed if I’m on a very tight schedule.  It feels great to have gotten so much done today, a very well used day off!

Henrik went to barbecue with his parents this afternoon because I had an appointment with a bride I’m doing hair and makeup for in a few weeks. Therefore, I had to find myself something for dinner. I didn’t want anything fancy, and was aiming for something that was quick and easy to make. I ended up making myself a delicious Portobello burger! I’ve been craving a burger for some time now, and knew I wanted to make it out of a portobello mushroom, which I am loving btw! Originally, I had planned on making this on the grill as a barbecue burger, but you know how it goes. Not everything goes according to plan here.

I had both the burger buns and the Portobello mushroom on hand, so it was the perfect timing. I did it very simple, I just cooked the Portobello in a frying pan, with some water and soy sauce, and heated the burger buns in the oven. Just by doing these simple steps, you’ve got yourself a super simple burger. We also had some leftover potatoes that I figured I might as well get a use of, and reheated them in the frying pan with the Portobello.

Lastly, I added some lettuce, hummus, vegan cheese (Vio life Original) and ketchup to complete that delicious burger!

IMG_0234Voila! A quick, easy and delicious vegan burger! And you thought vegan food was boring? Naah.

Quick tip!: Because the Portobello mushrooms are so big, slice it in half(sideways), so it will cook faster.

  • You can also cook the Portobello in oil, using water might make the burger a little runny because the portobello absorbs a lot of the liquid.




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