Tripod struggles and blurry photos

Hello my loves!

So today before work I thought I’d take a picture of my everyday makeup look and share with you guys! It was actually very difficult because I had to use an tripod and a self-timer on the camera, but whenever I used the timer all the pictures came out very blurry and out of focus, as well as quite dark. I tried again and again, some closer, and some further away to see it it’d help. But no luck. I couldn’t use a single one of the photos I took using the self-timer. #disappointment

I’m not very used to using a tripod, I’ve only used it a couple os times, because I usually have someone to take my photos for me. However, my boyfriend is not always home to be my very own personal photographer, so then I have to take matter into my own hands. That’s where the tripod comes in handy, but I honestly have a hard time getting it right.

So after many unsuccessful tries this morning, I had press the shutter button manually myself, which meant I had to be very close the the camera and sit in an very awkward position. I can only imagine how funny I looked, but what don’t we do for good photos?

Here are some of my unsuccessful attempts.


I feel like I need glasses when I look at them, so unfocused. Ugh.

I guess I just have to keep working with it, and eventually I’ll get it right. But if you have and tips or tricks, I’ll love to hear them!




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