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We are very lucky in that sense that we have the pleasure of watching movies. Pieces of art and hard work that have the ability to move us, make us cry, laugh or cringe in horror. It’s beautiful. They suck us in, take us to another reality, another dimension, and sometimes, another world. Some of these movies hit us so hard because of how beautiful they’re made, because of talented people who knows exactly how to get it right. Some movies on the other hand, hits you hard because they make you open your eyes. See things you’ve never seen before. Maybe because you didn’t want to see it, or simply because you wasn’t aware of it. Either way, they are built on facts, on our reality, and once you’ve seen it, it cannot be unseen.

I am talking about documentaries, in this case, that changed how I view the world. Our values. The documentaries I’m referring to is of course Earthlings, Cowspiricy and Forks over knives. These movies are extremely well-known in the vegan community, but not to the vast majority. I believe, however I am not sure. All I know is I would probably never have seen them hadn’t I for some reason ended up in the vegan part of YouTube.
key_art_forks_over_knives3The first of these documentaries I watched was Forks Over Knives. It completely changed how I view health, and what I look as healthy for my body. It goes against everything I’ve been taught about nutrition and health, and I was truly a little shocked. What convinced me is how they use research and studies to back up their claims, and  they present people, mostly doctors, who have had very good results with eating plant-based themselves, as well as using it as a treatment for their patients.


https_proxyThe next documentary I watched was Cowspiracy, which I watched after eating plant-based vegan for a while. Climate change and how we affect the environment is something I’ve always found scary and felt deeply that we need to fight, but honestly often felt little, like how much of a difference can I do? Cowsparicy opened my eyes to how much environmental damage the agriculture really is causing. Did you know that agriculture has a higher emission of greenhouse gasses than ALL transportation worldwide? That includes cars, trains, planes ect! How crazy is that?! By choosing to eat a vegan diet, your environmental footprint is massively reduced! Not only does agriculture give out more greenhouse gasses than all transport combined, it’s also the number one cause of damage to the rainforest. Also, to produce one pound of beef you need 1800 gallons of water! So much for saving water and take short showers.. This movie just made me even more sure that plant-based was the only way to go. Finally, I feel like what I’m doing, actually can make a difference.
EarthlingsTo be completely honest, I put off watching Earthlings for so long, simply because I knew it would be heartbreaking. And indeed it was. With tears running down my face I wondered how in the world could humanity be so cruel to all these innocent, helpless beings. This cruelty is something that continuously baffles me, not just towards animals, but towards our planet, and even towards ourselves. I will not get into these topics at this point, I’ll stick to the animal cruelty for now. Not just was I extremely uncomfortable watching the footage in this documentary, it literally felt like my heart was twisting and twirling inside my chest of pain for the beings. It’s more than enough to lose faith in humanity. But so is watching the news usually, but that’s besides the point. I will highly recommend watching this, even though it’s heartbreaking. It is in fact reality and the least we can do is to acknowledge where the meat, dairy, egg, fish and leather come from. The very least. The products that are so nicely wrapped in the supermarket used to be a living, feeling, breathing and thinking being. Don’t hate me ’cause I write the truth.

Lastly, I wanted to mention a speech by Gary Yourofsky, which you can find on YouTube here. He might put things a little on edge, but he defiantly makes you look at thing from a different perspective.

Please,, please check these out. They might change your life.




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