With a brush in hand anything is possible

IMG_9779If you didn’t know, I love painting. I find it so much fun just playing with colors, lines and forms to create an expressional piece. Abstract art is my muse, and what I always end up creating. I just love the beauty of abstract art, how it can be so expressive without actually being anything specific. It can basically mean whatever you want it to. It’s just something I’ve always preferred abstract art, mostly because I think it’s absolutely beautiful to look , and I love how colors and lines are used to create a strong expression and feeling. Personally, I paint with acrylic because it’s the easiest, and I am more of a beginner. There’s been some trials and error, but one of the great things about painting is that you can always start over or change directions. Usually, I begin with a vague idea in my head what lines and colors I want to use, but the best part of the process, in my opinion, is to just improvise as I go along. I usually just take a good look at my work and get a feeling of what I want to add more of, or less of. I don’t always know what the end result will be when I begin, sometimes it becomes something completely different from what I first planned out, but that is totally okay! That’s one thing I love about it! I just do what feels right, wether or not it’s what I planned.IMG_9772Sneak peak of my work! Aren’t you lucky? IMG_9773


I am so glad I finally got around to do this, I’ve missed it a lot more than I thought! I am so grateful that I decided to pick up a paint brush (again, after many, many years) a little over a year ago, it’s truly amongst my better decisions!

I’ll go and continue painting, I’m planning of doing two pieces that complement each other that hopefully, if I’m happy with it, we can hang on the wall behind our dining table!

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend so far!




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IK - I'm feeling 22 - Soon to be student - On a vegan journey

6 thoughts on “With a brush in hand anything is possible”

  1. Hey IK,
    I’m totally with you! I sometimes paint, too and it is so much fun! But as it needs a lot of space, I don’t have, I love gazing at abstract arts. Have you ever been to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain? I’m sure you’d like it… the arts just give a feeling which is most important to me.
    xx Isabelle


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