Introducing my capsule wardrobe!

Hi sweeties!

I am finally done. I think. I have now narrowed down my wardrobe, including clothes and accessories (such as shoes, bags ect.) to 35 items! The rules say 33 items, I know, but rules are made to be broken and I felt I needed my wardrobe to be at 35 items for it to be complete. All my other clothes I have now packed away and stored out of sight, except a few pieces that I might want to switch into my wardrobe when summer arrives for real. If that even happens of course. Switching out some items and replacing them with other items along the next months is something I do expect, after a while of using my capsule wardrobe I will know which items I might not use as much as I thought, and which items I feel like is missing. It’s all a process, and this is the first time, for as long I can remember, my wardrobe have been this compact. It will defiantly be an adjustment, however I am very ready for it. Some mistakes will probably happen along the way, and I am not too strict on myself.

IMG_9743Because this wardrobe will be during the spring and summer, my color palette contain were light colors. I personally think I suit lighter colors better anyways because of my light complexion. Dark colors have a tendency of looking rather harsh on me. As you can see, I’ve probably got way more white tops than I need, but it’s my favorite color to wear so I am going to wear it.

IMG_9737I chose this purse because I love the structure, as well as it’s the perfect size. It fits just what I need to carry, without being overly big. The sunglasses are from  Micheal Kors, and honestly, I don’t love them, but it’s the best pair I own. They do the job, so they’ll do for now.

IMG_9739The shoes on top I will most likely switch out after a while, the boots because I feel they’re too warm for summer, and the grey flats because I honestly don’t know how to style them. However, I do think they are really pretty, and I bought them in a cute boutique in Milano, Italy, so I’m determined to give them a chance.

I love the idea of a minimalistic wardrobe and I’m looking more into minimizing other stuff I own, like beauty and makeup products (which I have quite a collection of). Truth is I don’t even use half of it, and it’s just cluttering the apartment. Because we don’t have any storage room, our bedroom becomes more a  storage space, and I get so stressed out of all the stuff that is everywhere. I just want it out of my sight and have a clean, clutter free apartment. It’s defiantly something I will work on in the very near future, but for now, i’ll will give this project 333/my capsule wardrobe some extra attention to perfect it to my liking. I also believe it’s important to start with one aspect, instead of trying to minimizing everything at once, because such a task can seem very overwhelming.

I am very happy with the result guys, and so happy I’m finally done planning this! Now I’m just looking forward using my capsule wardrobe and be creative.




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