Saturday night alright

Good evening loves!

Today has been a pretty good day, I went for a long walk this morning after breakfast and if felt rely good. Originally, I was going to a spin class, but my muscles are so incredibly soar after yesterdays workout that I can’t even move like a normal human being, just sitting down is a struggle. Seriously, I move like an old lady, no joke. I figured I might as well go for a walk instead, and I am so glad i did because the weather today was rather sunny. However, it was so cold because of how windy it was, so there was defiantly no summer temperatures or anything. After the walk I had plans to meet my best friend, Mona, and on the way to meeting her, I wore a trench coat with an open neckline, because that is defiantly appropriate for spring right? Apparently not. I should rather have bundled up in my winter coat, preferably with a scarf and beanie to go along with it. I swear, sometimes it seems like the weather forgets how to spring and summer around here.

Oh, how I love Saturday nights! I love the weekend in general because Henrik and I get to spend so much quality time together, on the weekdays we both have work that needs to be done and getting up early the next day, so it’s not the same. Another thing I love about the weekends is making delicious, weekend appropriate dinners. Today we had tacos, which is basically our go to weekend-food. Any Mexican food we love though, but it usually ends with tacos. Because I’m vegan and Henrik is not, we make two different fillings, I use beans while he uses minced meat. We have done this for a while now, so it’s no hassle. We have actually gotten into a nice flow of how we deal with me eating vegan and him not.
Now we are just chilling while watching Guardians Of the Galaxy, which is quite a hilarious movie. It’s going to be a long night, we are picking up some friends from a party rather late, but I took advantage from it being weekend and took a nap earlier. Why is it that sleeping during the day feels so damn good?

Paints and brushes isolated on a white background

Tomorrow’s goal is to set up my painting equipment so I can finally start painting again, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to it. I love painting, it’s so much fun and therapeutic! I have plenty of time to do so tomorrow though, so no excuses! See you then!




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2 thoughts on “Saturday night alright”

  1. Ah I love the feeling of not having to get up early the next day! It makes an evening so much more relaxed. Sounds like you had a good Saturday night – love tacos as well!


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