Project 333 Update – It’s really not that easy


Happy Saturday!

I wanted to share my progress on the Project 333 (only wear 33 items of clothing/accessories for 3 months) as I have now slowly began narrowing down my wardrobe. On the picture above you can see the items I’ve chosen so far, however the problem is that I have far more than 33 item! Last I counted it was around 40 items or so. Which is way too much. I honestly don’t know if I’ll be doing 33 items, or slightly more, because I’ve done a lot of research and people who’ve done this project have all said that they will next time don’t be as strict to follow the 33 items rule, if they feel like they need to add a few more pieced to have a full wardrobe. It’s not like I am going to go way above the 33 mark, but if I have around 33-37 items I’ll be happy. I quickly learned that narrowing down my wardrobe to this mark is not that easy. I’ll defiantly have to give it even more thought and some trials and error before I succeed. There are so many items of clothing I have these “but what if I really want t wear it? It’s so pretty though” feelings about, but I know deep down that if I have not used it very much so far, the chances are I won’t use them as much now either. I am used to have so many clothes and options, that narrowing down so significantly is a little difficult.

I’ll defiantly keep on going with this and share my progress as I go along!




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