iHerb goodies!

Hi my loves!

So I just received another order from iHerb. What can I say? It’s my favorite online store! I get most of my beauty products from there.

This order was very much needed as it’s items I’m either out of or running low of. Essential pieces you can say.

IMG_9666First thing I was rather desperate to get is shampoo, which I was actually out of. Don’t worry, I borrowed some of my mom, so it’s not like I didn’t wash my hair or anything. Relax. Anyways, I’ve still been using conventional hair products because I had quite a lot (hairdresser issues), but I wanted to take this opportunity to try out some more natural alternatives. Just to remind you, I am in the process of switching all my beauty, bath, makeup and cleaning products to more natural, environmentally friendly and less toxic products. The choice fell on Andalou Naturals shampoos, the “Age Defying” and the “Moisture Rich” one. The Age Defying one is actually for thinning hair, which I don’t have, however Kendra Atkins (VlogWithKendra on youtube) has been raving about how good this shampoo is for a while now, so I just had to try it out! The other one, Moisture Rich, has great review on iHerb, and I figured it would be good to my hair considering it’s long and bleached, and therefore need quite a lot of moisture. I am very excited to try these out, I will let you know the final opinion after a while!

IMG_9680A few days ago I ran out of my Everyday Mineral Jojoba base mineral powder, and even thug I’ve been quite happy with it, I really wanted to try this Honeybee Gardens foundation powder which I’ve heard so many great things about. It’s defiantly a favorite amongst green beauty you tubers, so I had to see for myself how it held up to the hype. I got it in the color “Supernatural” which is a very nice light, yellow tone color. The color is maybe slightly too light for me, I was actually wondering between this color and the color Luminous, but I was afraid it was too orange/dark, so I figured I’d go with the lighter one and just use bronzer to darken it up a little. It defiantly works for now, and will be a perfect color for winter, however I do believe it will be too light for summer time.

IMG_9677I’ve been in the need of a clay mask, because I have not owned one for months, and really feel like my skin could use a proper cleanse. I picked up this European Clay Powder from Now Solutions, honestly because it was very cheap. I’ve previously used the Aztec Secret Healing Clay Powder, so I’m already familiar with the whole mixing your own mask thing. I really like how I can customize it to my own needs by using different essential oils, so I actually like clay powders, even though they are slightly more work.

IMG_9669Lastly, I just wanted to stock up on the toothpaste I’m using, even though I still have quite a way to go before the one I’m currently using is empty. However, I only order my natural toothpaste online because it’s way, way, way cheaper than buying it in store here in Norway (it’s expensive as hell), and figured I might as well order a backup now when I already was going to place an order. I like this because you get so much product to a great price, and I do like how it performs as well. I’ve read some review that it has made people’s teeth start to ice, but I have not noticed anything, and I have been using it for a while now.

That’s it for now, I will probably do a review of these later on though!





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