New in!

Happy Wednesday lovlies!

If you’re new to my blog, you might not know that I’ve set a challenge for myself. I am going to try to buy most of my clothes and accessories second-hand. Of course, some thing, like underwear and exercise clothes I will buy new, but I will make my best effort to find everything else second-hand. Thrift stores are obviously good places to buy second hand stuff, and usually at a good price. Even though I do like the thrift store, and I’ve defiantly found some gems in there, certain things, like shoes and outer-wear, is often well-worn. Therefore, I’ve been researching online market places as well, to see what they have to offer. I have to say that you can defiantly find some good quality, barely worn, stuff there! I’ve been looking at two Norwegian online markets, and I did some shopping!

IMG_9611Rainboots are something you defiantly need here in Bergen, however, it’s something I’ve hardly worn, ever. One reason is because when I was younger, it wasn’t considered “cool”, and secondly, I never really liked the rain boots I owned because they didn’t fit well and always gave my blisters. Well, people change, and I no longer care whether or not rain boots are “cool”, I just want to keep my feet dry when it’s raining. After some browsing online, I found these black Hunter rain boots in my area, which was barely worn and at a good price!  The best part: they were my size! Long story short: I now am the proud owner of a pair of Hunter rain boots. And honestly, I am so happy about this purchase. I was able to get a wonderful pair of rain boots second-hand, at a great price, and they fit perfectly! I truly never believed rain boots could ever fit that perfectly!

IMG_9607Next purchase is actually a backpack! If you didn’t know, I am actually going back to school full-time next fall, and was in need of a backpack. I’ve been on the lookout for one for some time now, and browsed several thrift stores without any luck. While mentioning to one of my friends that I was looking for a backpack, but had no luck, she offered to sell me hers because she didn’t use it anymore! Of course I said yes! She sent me a picture and it was just what I needed. It’s a leather backpack, however I am not sure if it’s real leather. Of course, I’d like it to be faux leather, but I’ll let it slide if its real, only because it’s second hand, and I then have not directly supported the leather industry, in my opinion anyways. I also have a budget to follow, and this fitted very well into that.

IMG_9636Lastly, I’ve been planning my capsule wardrobe, and realized I wanted a plain white, good quality shirt. I’ve had my eye on a Ralph Lauren shirt for a while, and was so excited when I found this one on a different online market (app) and it’s in perfect condition! It’s clear it’s hardly been worn, it has no discoloration (we all know whites can turn grayish) or other damages, which is very good considering it’s second hand. I love it, it’s just what I had in mind, and I’m very excited to get much use out of it!

As you can see, you can find so many great thing second-hand, because a lot of people sell thing they have hardly used! It’s way better for the environment and you wallet! Win-win!

I hope you’ve had a great week so far, I cannot believe I’ve only got one workday left before  the weekend!




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