Outfit of the day – A day late..

IMG_9338IMG_9378IMG_9400// Pants – Second hand / Shoes – Vagabond / Tee – Bik Bok / Blouse – Second hand //

Happy Saturday!

So I’m here today with yesterday’s outfit! I had quite a busy day yesterday,which is why the post is one day late.

This outfit actually is made from two second-hand items, the pants and the blouse. The pants, which I love, is a hand-down from my mother, and I’ve been using these for quite some time. I just love the comfort, and how unique it is. The blouse I thrifted earlier this week, as well as the camel dress pants I showed you yesterday. and I really like the fabric. It is so soft and luxurious, and even though it’s slightly too big, I can make it work if I roll up the sleeves.

My boyfriend and I actually went to some second-hand stores today, however I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for. I’ve come to the conclusion that the thrift store closest to me has a pretty good selection, and I’ll be favoring this one for the time being. I have to admit though, finding what I’m looking for second hand, is not that easy. I defiantly see that it will take some dedication, but I am very motivated. It’ll be fun to see how it goes.

Have a nice Saturday folks!




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