A day of sunshine

Hi my loves!

Today has been a wonderful day! The weather was amazing, so warm it felt like summer! Me and Henrik actually played tennis for the first time today, and even though we were not very good at it, it was so much fun! And quite a good workout as well, especially because it was so warm! It is defiantly something I want to do again, because it was really fun when we were able to play back and forth. You know what they say, practice makes perfect!


My outfit was actually too warm, which is rear these days, I really wish I had at least worn a t-shirt, and maybe even shorts! Oh well, it is difficult to know how to dress when the weather and temperature changes so much, it sometimes feels like we have several season within one day.


Tonight we are actually having a date night, because I really believe that even though we live together, it’s important to have some quality time together. In everyday life there is so many distractions and thing we have to do, but on date night, everything is set aside and we just focus on each other. In an age where smartphones seldom leave our sides, it’s easy to not be completely present when we are around other people. Tonight however, it will just be the two of us, some good food, good drinks and good conversations.

Have a nice Saturday night folks, and remember to be present with the people you surround yourself with! Remember life, and then your life becomes a better one!




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