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The environment and climate changes is something I feel strongly about, and lately I’ve been doing more and more research about what choices I can make to minimize my environmental footprint. I’ve therefore gotten aware of the huge impact fast fashion has on the environment, as well as the obvious ethical side of it using sweatshops. Since I’m trying to make more sustainable  choices, I began researching other clothing alternatives when I found what they call “Ethical fashion”. This is basically clothes that have been sustainably produced, which means that they are better for the environment and the workers have had better working conditions and wages. It is, as the name suggest, more ethically made.

While all this is great, unfortunately there are not as accessible as fast fashion, which means that many people will only be able to get it online. Another con is the price, which is noticably higher than fast fashion, which is understandable and for quite obvious reasons, but considering we have bills to pay and are soon both students, I don’t have the biggest budget. Don’t worry though! I found the solution! Thrift shopping, or second-hand shopping! It is very sustainable and way more ethical than buying new clothes from the typical stores. Even though most of the clothes in the second-hand shops are not ethically made, considered you’re prolonging the lifespan of an item already made, instead of buying a new one, makes this is still a much more ethical choice.

Therefore I am now starting a new project, or a little experiment you might call it. Whenever I am in the need of new clothes, I am going to try to find this clothing item at a second-hand store. Of course, not all clothing can be bought here, like underwear or exercise clothes (duh..), but I will try to buy whatever I can second hand. If this is not possible I will make sure to purchase a garment of high quality that will last me for many, many years. After all, it is way better buying something you like and will be able to wear for years, than just picking up something you’ll have to switch out within a year.But I will of course try my best to find it second hand.  Anyways, this experiment of mine will be incorporated into my other clothing experiment,  the whole minimal wardrobe plan I told you about in my last blogpost.

IMG_9254Whenever I put my mind to something, I get very motivated. At least right away, how long that motivation last all depends, but anyway. I get quite passionate about these ideas of mine. Therefore, I was so excited to check out my local thrift shop today. I spent so much time just browsing, seeing what they had in stock and of what quality. It was so much fun! I mean, yes, a lot of the clothes might not be of the best quality, but if you take your time to look, you can certainly find some gems! I was actually very pleasantly surprised about their decor section, they had so much pretty, and old decor! I loved it! I actually found these glass candlestick, which was just what I was wanting for our dining table! In addition to those, I found this pretty green glass vase that I figured would be a very nice pop of color in our otherwise monochrome living room. I got the idea of using it as a candle holder right before taking this photo, however, I am unsure if I’ll keep using it like this or just have it as a decorative vase. Of course, the fashion junkie I am, I also picked up two clothing pieces, but unfortunately I threw them in the wash before I thought of taking pictures of them. I’ve been wanting a pair of more dressier pants for a while, and had that in mind while I was browsing. I originally had a pair of black dress pants in mind, but I found this really pretty pair in a beautiful sand color! The quality seems really good, and I am quite excited to make an outfit of it! Lastly, I got a really nice blouse in a gun-metal color, in this really soft, luxurious fabric. I actually hand washed this because it seems so delicate I’m scared it will be damaged in the washing machine. The size of this was quite big, but I’m pretty sure it’s made to be more fitted, so it just gives a more flowy look to the blouse. Also, in the dressing room in the store, I tried many different ways of styling it to make it look like it’s actually my size. I took my time and tried on all the items I was interested in and looked at them with a critical eye when I decided if it was something that was suitable for me or not.

Disclaimer: I will still be featuring clothes from fast fashion stores in my outfits, because most of my clothes comes from these stores. I will wear them until I switch them out, with then hopefully more sustainable alternatives.

I really hope these post are not way too long, if you’d like to see some shorter post, please let me know!





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