Building a capsule wardrobe?

Good evening my loves!

So in my previous blog post I mention that I’m thinking of taking my wardrobe in a different direction than I have previously. A few months ago I stumbled upon a term called “capsule wardrobe”. Although I was slightly curious, I didn’t think much more of it. Until I stumbled upon it again, now. This time I was way more interested in what this “capsule wardrobe” thing is, especially since it’s starting to get more and more popular.

In case you haven’t heard the term “capsule wardrobe” before, or are simply just not sure what it means, I’ll break it down for you. The idea behind the capsule wardrobe is to just own a few, but staple pieces that complement one another. Preferably 3o items or less, this does not include underwear, lounge wear or workout clothes. However, it does include accessories, outer wear and shoes. Even though 30 items may not sound like much, the theory is that you’ll be able to create many different outfits because all of the items (or most of them) can be paired together, which means that you can still have so much variation in your style. It’s a more minimalistic approach to fashion, as well as it will in theory make it a lot easier to get dressed in the mornings, because most of the items you own can be paired together. No fuss.

One very important factor in all of this is to know your style. If you don’t know what you like to wear or what you gravitate towards, it will be very difficult to find these “staple pieces”. A lot like stumbling in the dark. Most of us already have a good sense of what the essential of our style is, just take a look at the clothes you wear the most. Most likely, there will be a pattern: are you a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, or more of the skirts and dresses kind of gal?

The reason I’m so interested in this idea, is that I would rather have really good quality items that I really love to wear and is universal, rather than cheaper items in higher quantities.  This is the way I’ve always shopped, buying like 1o items on sale from H&M and I thought I got so much value for my money. Even though I have items from H&m that I love and have lasted for years, they’re overall not the best quality choice, or the best moral choice for that matter. That’s another topic though, that I’ll get into in a later post. I’m really getting into a more minimalistic approach where I just don’t want a lot of stuff, but I’ll defiantly have to research more before jumping head first into this. I’ll most likely start with the Project 333 (wear only 33 items for 3 months) like a trial, since I own a lot more than 30 items, and I’m not ready to get rid them all yet. I also think I need to do some trial and error with the Project 333, to see which items I want to keep in my capsule wardrobe and which ones I’ll let go of. I am not interested going out and buying and entire new wardrobe for this, like some people do. I will make my capsule wardrobe out of the items I already own, and if I decide after a while that there is something missing, or something I’d like to switch out, then I’ll go look for something new to add. Another reason I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe is to stop buying so much stuff. We live in a buy and toss kind of society, which is really wasteful and harmful for the environment, and by having a capsule wardrobe, I think I can minimize my part of that issue. I’m researching into ethical fashion as well, which can be quite daunting and overwhelming. I’m just one person, and trying to do the rightful thing seems almost impossible. I’ll get more into this (briefly) in another post, because I’ve made a plan that is without a doubt sustainable. idea is that a capsule wardrobe might looks something like this. (Picture taken from As you can see, it’s a very compact wardrobe.

So tell me, have you heard about capsule wardrobes? Or have you already joined the club? If so, please leave some tips in the comments!

I hope you’ve had a great start of the new week!




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