Outfit of the night

Hello my loves!

Today’s post will be super quick, because I am literally running out the door any minute now. I’m going to a party (told you I wouldn’t let Lab bring this weekend down..) and I though I’d where with you my outfit and makeup! I’ve been wanting to wear this playsuit forever now, but because of the crazy neckline I haven’t found the opportunity. The solution was to wear a tank top underneath so I won’t show my bra to everyone.

For my makeup I went with a regular smokey eyes and glowy skin, that for some reason won’t show up on the photos!

IMG_9105// Playsuit – Gina Tricot / earrings – H&M / Cape – Racheal Zoe //



Anyways, I really have to go now! I hope you have an amazing Saturday night, whatever you’re doing! Cheers to that!





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