TGIF Outfit of the Day..

Good evening my loves!

Friday has finally arrived upon us! How fantastic! Only complaint is I have to spend the weekend at school, in the lab. I’m going to try not to let that bring the weekend down though!

Today I went to a TGIF spin class after school and I decided to walk to the gym instead of taking the car. It’s only like 10-15min walk away from our apartment, but I procrastinated quite a bit so I ended up jogging half of the way to make it in time. Not a good idea before an intense 60min spin class, let me tell you that! My legs felt so tired even from the beginning of class. It’s probably also due to the fact that I’ve exercised more than usually this week, as well as cycling to work every day. My legs felt so done! I did my best nonetheless, but it’s probably one of the hardest spin class I’ve been too! It wasn’t exactly the class itself that was more difficult, but rather that my muscles were already tired before I begun, so it took a lot more effort to get through. I made it to the end, and it did feel very good afterwards though!


My spin outfit! I love wearing colors when I work out, I find cute workout clothes to be very motivating!

I’m writing to you this evening wearing my pajamas, no makeup and a glass of diet coke on hand. No, it’s not that outfit I’ll show you next, even though I enjoy it very much!

For today’s outfit I wore my favorite pair of black skinny jeans, that I realize I need to switch out, considering they’re quite worn out. I love these jeans because they have a high waist, and they are  slim all the way to the ankles. One of my biggest issues with jeans is that they’re way too long (cheers to short legs) and because of this they tent to be quite wide at my ankles too. These jeans are just a perfect fit! Oh, and did I mention they are super comfortable?!

IMG_9042// Jeans – Gina Tricot (style: Molly) / Top – Bik Bok / Blazer – gift from a friend / Necklace – Glitter / sunglasses – H&M //


Well, i imagine it’ll be an early night, I have to wake up way earlier tomorrow than I’d like on a Saturday morning.

Have a lovely friday everyone!




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