My favorite kind of morning

IMG_9000Good morning sunshine!

Today I don’t start work until 11am, so I was finally able to make myself some proper breakfast. Usually I’m quite tired in the morning, and don’t bother to make anything besides toast or cereal. Oatmeal is actually my favorite breakfast of all time, and after a while I’ve perfected the recipe till my taste. It’s just so creamy, comforting, satisfying and healthy! So many people think oatmeal is boring, and YES it can be, but it’s all about how you make it! Have an open mind people. Don’t judge the oatmel.

I’ve been taking my bicycle to work this week, but after yesterdays spinning class my legs are so sore, so I might have to reconsider today. I haven’t quite made up my mind yet, we’ll see. I’ll probably take the bike anyways. Or car…

Anyways, off to work now, have a wonderful day everybody!





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IK - I'm feeling 22 - Soon to be student - On a vegan journey

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