Cheers to the freakin’ weekend…

Almost. Just a few hours of school tomorrow, then it’s the freakin’ weekend. Raise you glasses people! Not that it’ll be that exciting actually, I just realized I’ll be spending both Saturday and Sunday in lab classes I have to attend at school. How thrilled I am. Please note the sarcasm. Oh well, there are bigger problems in this world. Not sarcasm. In case you’re confused.

I have to say I’m quite happy about myself this week! I’ve made a goal to get more active and into shape, because let’s be honest, being lazy has its consequences. No, it’s not just the panic of the upcoming summer and bikini weather, but also that I’ve realized that I am very out of shape, considering my young age. Over the past year I’ve definitely gotten more health conscious and I’m well aware both exercise and clean eating is very essential to good health, however, the healthy habits sometimes has fallen behind. As I might have mention, I eat mostly vegan, so at least I’m eating quite a lot healthier than before, but the exercise bit I’ve struggled to make a part of my routine. This week however, I’m made quite a good effort to get more active. I’ve even cycled to work every day this week! Let me tell you that it’s defiantly not far, therefore not very impressive, but it is something. Everything we do adds up. Another perk I’m very happy about is that taking my bike to work is way better for the environment. It great for both my health and the Earth! I have to say I personally find that very motivating! My goal is to keep using my bike until I go on vacation for the summer.

In addition to cycling, I’ve attended spinning class, gone jogging, done some yoga and gone for a hike. To some it might not sound like a lot, but compared to my previous activity levels, it’s quite an improvement. I really enjoy spinning classes because they have such a high intensity, you get sweating a lot in a short amount of time! Very effective!  Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to the flow I’m getting into. I’d like to attend both spinning and yoga classes at my gym, as well as jogging outside. We are very lucky because we have a running track two minutes away from our apartment, so we don’t have many excuses there. So basically,I’ve got a nice plan I hopefully will be able to follow. I’ll have to work on my determination though, be strong and just push through even on days when I’ve got no motivation at all.

If you have any tips on how to stay motivated to stick to a fitness(health plan, please let me know! I’ll appreciate every advise I can get!




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IK - I'm feeling 22 - Soon to be student - On a vegan journey

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