Goodies in the mail!

Good evening loves!
Late post, but today has been a rather busy and productive day. I’ve had a very hectic day at work, went to a 60 minutes spinning class after, then was able to run some errands before I picked up my boyfriend after he finished work. I like getting a lot done, because then it feels so much better sitting down for the night.
Anyways, when I got home, a package slip was waiting for me! I placed an order from iHerb about a week and a half ago, because I had actually run out of my face moisturizer, and was running scary low on everything else. iHerb is my favorite website to get beauty products and other health products, and by far the website I’ve placed most orders. Ever. So that speaks for itself. Oh, did I mention that they carry natural products?
As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve made the decision to use only natural, non-toxic products, and I’ve slowly switched out most of my beauty products. All the skincare products I use are natural, as well as most of my makeup. I still have quite a lot of conventional products left, which is fine considering I’ve accumulated quite a collection over the years, but whenever I run out of something, I only allow myself to buy a natural products of that type. That way, my collection will slowly become completely natural.

Moving on the actual products I’ve purchased, all of them, exempt the eye cream, are repurchases.

  • Andolou Naturals “Meyor Lemon Creamy Cleanser”
  • Andolou Naturals “Clementine +C Illuminating Toner”
  • Derma E “Anti-Wrickle Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate Cream”
  • Acure “Eye Cream”

I’ve used both the Andolou Naturals brightening cleanser and toner previously, but I picked up a different cleanser and toner last time from Acure, which I ended up not liking that much, so I figured I’d try these two again. The Derma E moisturizer I’ve used for a while, mostly because it comes with so much product that it lasted from december till about two weeks ago (Crazy, but I love it!). I like it quite a lot, it has both brightening and anti-wrinckle effects, which I really appreciate.

The eye cream on the other hand, I have never tried, so I’m quite excited to see how it’s working. Eye creams are always a bit tricky I find, because I never really know how much they can actually do. I mostly use an eye cream because the skin under my eyes tend to look very dry whenever i put any makeup there. I also hope using an eye cream will fight fine lines, I imagine I’ll get crows feet rather early considering I smile very much with my eyes! Not that I’m concerned in any way.

If you’d like, I can do a review of these products in the feature, or a full skin care routine post, I’ll just have to use all the products for a while so I can form an accurate opinion of them.

I feel my eyelids getting real heavy now, so I’ll go ahead and say good night and sweet dreams. I’ll see you again tomorrow!




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