Walking in sunshine..

Oh what a lovely day! The yoga class I mentioned earlier was actually a “mindful” kind of class, so there was quite a lot of meditation techniques, and not so many actual poses. Even though it wasn’t what I expected, it was actually quite nice, and very relaxing. I’ll defiantly try to be using some of the techniques whenever I’m stressed to calm down.

Today’s weather was absolutely amazing, so we ended up going on a hike. I am trying to be more active on an everyday basis, and going on a quick hike is a wonderful way to get some exercise  and fresh air. Sometimes it just amazes me how beautiful nature can be, I think it’s important to sometimes just take a breath and enjoy the view. Today I brought the camera with me so I could documents some of that beautiful nature! and share it with you


IMG_8932My man just sitting there being all handsome.

We walked to Fløyen, which is a mountain in Bergen where you get a fantastic view of the city center, especially on a clear day like this. No place more beautiful. IMG_8973


So pretty!

Anyways, now we’re just chilling at home watching Bones, my feet are so tired from the hike, now it feels so good to just relax. It’s important to allow ourselves to relax now and then, our bodies needs it!

Well, I’ll say good night, sleep tight and I’ll see you soon!




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