Setting the day off with positive vibes

Happy Monday!

Oh, Mondays can be though. Today I started the day slightly earlier than I usually do, in an effort trying to make myself wake up earlier so that I can have more of a calm morning routine, rather than waking up and running around the apartment like a manic. Trying to find something to eat, find my outfit of the day,  do my makeup and trying to fit all of this in before I head to work. Starting the day with stress leads to more stress, and considering I’m a person who get stressed easily, I am trying to take responsibility and make some changes to minimize this, and learn techniques to handle it well. I figured if I start the day off with a calm and relaxing morning routine I at least have set a positive vibe for the rest of the day.  I’m not exactly a morning person  either and often need some time to wake up properly before I can be productive. At one point I even had yoga and meditation as a part of my mornings, and even though it meant waking up earlier, I remember how amazing and relaxed I felt. Which is how I want to feel errryday!

IMG_8895I thought I’d share my outfit of the day with you all, even though it’s not anything spectacular. Usually, I love to wear colors, but lately I’ve been really into dressing in black. Even though I try to minimize wearing all black, I do really like how modern, sleek and timeless it looks. Another love at the moment is turtlenecks! Not just are they fashionable, they also keep me warm, which I need because it’s still quite cold here in Bergen. Hopefully, the temperature will soon catch on to the calendar, and I’ll be able to wear my spring jackets! I actually only yesterday packed down my big, cozy and warm fur jacket (faux of course), not necessarily because it was too warm outside to wear it, but I found it to be appropriate considering we’re heading into May this weekend. Crossing my fingers we’ll soon feel proper spring and summer weather for once. Can’t say we’re really feeling this global warming there’s so much talk about.. I know, i know, it’s a serious problem and not a joke, trust me I know. All I’m saying is I want to wear my skirts and shorts and feel the sun on my skin. Without freezing my ass off.

I’ll go and continue watching Bones now, which btw is our current obsession. I’ll leave you with this adorable picture of this adorable cat who so adorably came to say hello during my OOTD photos.IMG_8903








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